Mono-Cavs / Strider-Cavs
Mono-Cavs / Strider-Cavs
Mono-Cavs / Strider-Cavs Mono-Cavs / Strider-Cavs Mono-Cavs / Strider-Cavs Mono-Cavs / Strider-Cavs Mono-Cavs / Strider-Cavs Mono-Cavs / Strider-Cavs

Mono-Cavs / Strider-Cavs

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Faction Enlightened
Unit Type Support
Material Plastic

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Augmentation to overcome injury or disability was the goal of the Covenant of the Enlightened when they first began to experiment with grafting mechanisms to flesh. The power source known as RJ-1027 enabled the Covenant to take this intention to an extreme with more audacious and extensive modifications being possible. In the hands of a master of this art, it truly allows individuals to be elevated to super-human levels of physical conditioning. For everyone not so fortunate, this has led to the development of people termed as 'constructs'. Gradual RJ-1027 leakage into their bloodstream, along with the trauma of their surgical augmentation has left the vulnerable transformed into something less than human. But everything has a purpose in the Covenant's technocratic future and constructs have a wide variety of menial or military applications throughout the Enlightened's activities.

Some constructs had their legs and lower torsos replaced with motorised mono-wheels, commonly called Seekers, or with multiple articulated steel limbs, who became known as Widowers. Of course, the arrogance of some in the Covenant led to such science and engineering being pushed to greater extremes. If a construct could control a simple motorised mono-wheel, then why not integrate one into an RJ powered, gyro-stabilized weapons platform? The Mono-Cav was born. Armed with a pair of heavy Manreapers, the Mono-Cav excels at rapid response, it speeds across the battlefield with it's limbless pilot remaining eerily still thanks to an advanced stabiliser suite. Utilising the same methodology is the Strider-Cav, a natural advancement of the Widower construct. Four pneumatic legs power it forward, resembling a sinister steel spider. Men's blood runs cold with fear as they know they could be caught up in the webs it launches, or worse, torn to shreds by the industrial dills mounted on the front of this mechanical monstrosity.

The Mono-Cavs / Strider-Cavs kit contains two multi-part plastic miniatures

  • 2x Mono-Cav Constructs
    • Each Mono-Cav can alternatively be built as a Strider-Cav Construct
  • 4x Bases

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
  • Character Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Wild West Exodus website.


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